Creative marketing and communication strategies in social media

”With one hundred percent commitment and curiosity about the future Christer inspires to new and unique opportunities.”

Creman combines experiences from a broad range of companies with creative thinking and implementing innovative strategies for your marketing and communication.

We focus on people and collaboration starting with analyzing the current processes, methods and tools.


  • Social Networking
  • Creative Social Media Marketing
  • Communication Strategies
  • Community Coaching
  • Innovation Management
  • CSR Corporate Social Responsibility (International Child Art Foundation – Christer is Sweden representative
  • ValuesOnline facilitator


Provide creative environmental friendly solutions for children, youth, elderly, sick and future generations.


Collaborate with all competent, creative and inspiring people for the creation of innovative solutions that enable organizations and individuals is constantly evolving.


  • everybody are equally valuable
  • all change begins with ourselves
  • we live to learn and help others

CV Christer Edman