Peace is created through honest communication in social media

I believe we can create peace if we work on it daily from our hearts

Peace starts from a peaceful mind and to practice peace you have to learn how to deal with our thinking and fearful feelings. One example is how we react on what happened recently on the Boston marathon where 3 people got killed and a lot of other injured after a couple of bomb explosions. The incident is awful and I feel very sorry for the victims and their families. This was terrible and two persons are pointed out as responsible for the attack but there are different opinions about what is behind and it will probably continue due to the conspiratorial theories.

The worst is that so many people are negative and accuse all Muslims as responsible. Poverty is not caused by the immigrants it’s caused by misuse of resources and a lack of creative prioritization. War cost the tax payers more money than anything else in the world and how long are we going to accept paying for war instead of investing in peace?

I have many Muslim friends and feel sorry for all of them who have had to leave their countries due to terrorist regimes who are supported by the weapon industry and corrupted politicians. THINK if you are fooled by influential people who want an opinion against or rather say using the Muslims for a hidden agenda related to land and the natures resources?

“The nation-state as a fundamental unit of man’s organized life has ceased to be the principal creative force: International banks and multinational corporations are acting and planning in terms that are far in advance of the political concepts of the nation-state.” Trilateral Commission Team

”It’s sad, but I truly believe that not one American soldier, sailor, or airman has died fighting for America in over a hundred years. They thought they were fighting for America, but they were fighting to establish the hegemony of international finance and multinational corporations. There is little doubt of that now.”

Amber Lyon (Ex. CNN journalist and Award winner) says. ”What is a pay check if you in the end, you are really harming the american public and it costs lives…” The truth will comes out when the propaganda makers are researched and more people understand what is behind…

There are many signals that this is set up for getting an opinion against Muslims and it’s the same with the 9/11. It’s a BIG difference between being a terrorist and to have been born in a Muslim country. (Patriots Question 9/11) I am born in a Christian country and my mother was adopted to Sweden as a war child from Finland during the second war. She was raped and sexually abused by the Christian men in the church on Sundays. When she told about what was going on they said she lied!!

It doesn’t matter which color you have on your skin, religion or which country you are born in. The only thing that matters is if you have a peaceful mind and practice peace in all of your actions. Revenge on a group of people is terrible and will only increase the violence in the world. Racism and blame people for being born in another country is like a dead-end-street.

We are all humans and earth citizens with the same basic human needs and it’s time we make friends and Love not war! What says the Native Americans about immigrants from all over the world who took over their living space? There are also a lot of conservatives on top positions in the society who knows about 911 and want that the truth comes out. What do you know about Boston? Think about who owns 1% of all Money in the world and pick out 20% of them and see which connections they have to the government, oil, food, drug and weapon industry…

Do you really believe your taxes goes to welfare, schools,  elderly and immigrants? Do a research and present the facts first! Is the world Black or White? Good or Bad? Christians or Muslims? I have always thought America is a Free country without any limitations and a lot of possibilities. Do you know yourself and who is without quilt and can throw the first stone?

What is the conspiratorial terrorists agenda some people there are feeding their ego’s and not giving the truth and present only theories and create fake evidence. My belief is that most people really want to do good things and they are working on all levels in the society, we have many great politicians, military staff, police, company owners and so on.

But when I am reading all comments about hang, kill, throw the Muslims out of our country and so on it feels as we are are back to the nazi’s during the 30-40’s, to Rosa Park’s 50’s and the Vietnam war in the 60’s.

There is so much fear and I wonder over the freedom of speech and what is going on behind the scenes… People are soon ready to accept anything in the name of security and we have to ask ourselves, security for whom and what price do we have for loosing our freedom

My friends are Conservatives, Liberals, Christians, Muslims, Jews, Buddhists, black, white, yellow, red and we are all humans. Self leadership is the most important for creating peace not follow someone else and screaming for using weapons or killing.

Make friend with a Muslim today and grieve together you can be sure about most of them and all people are kind and doesn’t want to kill or hurt anyone! When everybody run in one direction and follow someone else it’s time to Think and research what is behind the mob.

I am not saying you shall believe or follow me in what I have presented above only that you shall think and follow your heart. Ask yourself if peace is created by fear or Love and what you can do for helping other people without supporting your own or anyone else ego!


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