Some days off from social media for reflection

Some days off from social media for reflection

I need to take some days off from social media to really think over what the needs are for being on line so much. It has almost become an addiction to log on and check what is happening and what I shall post…

One of my roles is as a project manager for the Hallstavik Network where I am planning for the Hallstavik’s Day on the 1:st of September which demands my time and focus. This has to be my priority No. 1 now!

It’s a warning sign when this happen and I have to consider Why my time is increasing on line and What is the purpose with my personal presence. After leaving IBM it has been important for me to re-launch my own company but the Big question from there is where I get a new income…

Knowledge is the key for being successful and after talking to some very good friends. I have got some insights and decided to be much more careful with my interaction on line from now and on.

The reason is my professional reputation is the most important for me and I have to listen to what gives business and not only what feels good. Yes, I like when people comment and interact online getting new friends and so on…

But frankly this is my Job and most customers don’t care if I have a high Klout score, Peerindex, Alexa, Pagerank, Likes, followers and so on… They need my attention for helping them to grow their business. The fact is also that people I have been interacting with are not my customers either.

This will be a new journey for me and I think some might feel offended while others understand why I need to think over my own social media strategy.

You are very welcome to comment this quite unusual posting or visit my other website and buy some fingerdolls :D



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